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The Rewilding projects of Susquehanna Permaculture are dedicated to the rehabilitation of wild lands & the dying wild spirit of humanity. Ben & Wilson Alvarez have developed the Rewilding Design System, a set of ethics, principles, conceptual tools, & practices based on permaculture & indigenous land management & community building techniques. The long-term goal of this work is 4-fold:

  1. Ardent defense of the wild.
  2. To elaborate & teach the Rewilding susquehanna permaculture, rewilding school, rebel garden, pennsylvania permaculture, pennsylvania primtive skills, wild land permacultureDesign System.
  3. To rebuild the human community’s relationship with the wild Earth.
  4. To establish eco-conservancies that include humans & the generation of vital resources for humans as a part of a wild ecosystem.

Susquehanna Permaculture also maintains SusquehannApothecary, a shop on Etsy, through which I sell herbal supplements & concoctions made from ethically wild-harvested plants as part of my ongoing rewilding research.

Students Love My Classes!

“I am continually impressed with how naturally teaching seems to come to both Ben and Wilson. Ben and Wilson don’t just present you with information; they live and breathe what they teach. Ben and Wilson’s classes have been fundamentally life-changing, not only the material itself, but the journey through it.”

-Eli MaleyExamining Turkey Tails

“As a complete novice, Wilson and Ben have taught me everything I’ve learned over the past three years, and from them I have gained a world of knowledge I never knew could be so easily accessible. If you want to enter the forest to cultivate a love of the earth and a toolkit to protect nature, there is no better teacher to do it with than Wilson Alvarez.”

-Michelle Johnsen

“One of the best parts was the network of ecologically-minded individuals that I met and kept up with after the class.”

-Dirk McGurk

“Ben and Wilson are very effective,  well-prepared teachers who respect their students and are a tremendous asset to the permaculture and primitive skills communities.”

-Dale Hendricks