What’s a PDC? This stands for Permaculture Design Course. The PDC is the standard, internationally recognized certification course for permaculture practitioners. The basic curriculum includes permaculture principles, ethics, basic ecology, & a design practicum.

Our PDC Curriculum is unlike any other. I’m moving permaculture out of the garden

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Graduates from our 2012 PDC in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

& making it accessible to everyone. Permaculture is essentially applied ecology. In other words, it’s a way of making human systems work like natural systems. Permaculture is based on systems analysis, or systems theory, so we should be able to use it to design anything. In the past few years, I’ve had PDC students apply permaculture to everything from Montessori curriculum, to a painter’s studio practice, to a business plan for a health clinic, to the organizational structure of a church in South Korea. It’s not that our students don’t apply permaculture to gardening, landscaping, or farming… I just want to make it universally applicable.

Our Tuition Structure is also incredibly unique. Ben was interviewed on Scott Mann’s Permaculture Podcast, where he explains the system. Listen to the episode here! Please feel free to replicate it, or contact us to ask more about how it works!