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I offer three different kinds of educational opportunities related to permaculture:

  1. The standard international Permaculture Certification Course (PDC) with my own twist on the curriculum based on regional culture & ecology. I also periodically offer advanced PDCs.susquehanna permaculture, rewilding school, rebel garden, pennsylvania permaculture, pennsylvania primtive skills, wild land permaculture
  2. Apprenticeships; ongoing opportunities to work on projects with me & acquire hands-on knowledge and skills.
  3. Workshops & intensives on subjects & skill-sets that compliment permaculture design skills. These range from classes on sustainable agriculture and herbalism to trainings for activists, homebrewing, Japanese gardening, & ecological culture-building…

Students Love My Classes!

“I took a permaculture apprenticeship with Ben, and those meet-ups inspired me to pursue permaculture as my way of life!”

-William Padilla-Brown

“I took Ben’s Intensive Gardening class and my idea of gardening was changed forever. Ben’s passion for nature, eloquent speech, and gift for teaching filled me with a desire to learn as much as I could about permaculture.  Before the class was over that day I had already committed to attending the rest of the workshop series.  I just knew this path, permaculture, was the path I was meant to be on, and for this I am forever grateful to Ben.”

 -Dana Herman, now a farmer10847979_894585427248657_8203229890020014915_n

“As I’ve been learning about permaculture, Ben and Wilson have been true inspirations. Their dedication to teaching well is refreshing and is a testament to their respect for the science of permaculture and to their investment in the growth of the this community.”

-Ruth Kiehlmeier

“Taking classes, including my PDC, through Susquehanna Permaculture has changed and shaped my life. I am forever grateful.”

-Seppi Garrett

“These men are at the forefront of permaculture, regenerative living, earth care, and survival skills. Their ideas are engaging, unique, and extremely fun to learn and practice.”

-Michelle Johnsen

“I learned more practical knowledge about ecological gardening methods and permaculture in Ben’s class than I have in countless hours of personal research, and several other gardening and permaculture workshops that I’ve attended. Getting hands-on experience in the garden allowed me to bring the techniques home to my own garden; this was a valuable learning experience that you just can’t get from books, podcasts, or YouTube videos.”

-Dirk McGurk