Rewilding Notes 4/6-4/17/16

by Benjamin Weiss

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  • @100AcreWood
  • Mostly cloudy, rained this morning, nights have been in the 20’s recently, currently about 57 degrees F
  • Transplanted golden ragwort & blue cohosh from MossBluff
  • Weeded 2014 ramps in rewilding patch
  • All of last week’s transplants continue to thrive
  • Marked out more small walkways for tending rewilding patch
  • Lots of spring beauty (Claytonia virginica) flowering in rewilding patch
  • Counted 340 ramp (Allium tricoccum) plants

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  • @100AcreWood
  • Very sunny, roughly 75 degrees F
  • Transplanted ramps, Virginia blue-bells, and Trillium sessile from a friend’s woodland nursery into rewilding patches
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