ReWilding Notes 3/28-4/4/16

by Benjamin Weiss

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  • @Penninsula
  • Scattered ramp seeds (from a friend’s property in next county) in and near a very small native ramp patch
    • Currently count only 6 plants in native patch
  • Gathered 13 trillium for transplant at 100AcreWood
    • trillium are budding but flowers not yet open
  • Gathered several handfulls of wild ginger (Asarum canadense) for transplant at 100AcreWood
    • Scattered ramp seeds into holes in the duff made by removing the ginger
  • Gathered 12 bloodroot plants (Sanguinaria canadensis) for transplant at 100AcreWood
    • Scattered ramp seeds into holes in the duff made by removing the bloodroot
  • Identified 2 “Toad trillium”(Trillium sessile) about to bloom
  • @100AcreWood
  • Found a large canine tooth (identical to wolf tooth on my medicine pouch) on the riverbank while gathering mollusk shells
  • Saw a red-tailed hawk circling above me with a black snake in its beak
  • Weeded garlic mustard from ramp patches transplanted in 2015
    • Built 2 narrow walkways along edge of ramp patches, on steep slope with sticks and branches on down-hill side, pathway filled in with recently-weeded garlic mustard debris and compacted by my feet while working
    • Beginning to envision other tiny walkways for more intensive work in this area
  • Transplanted trillium, wild ginger, & bloodroot from Penninsula into ramp patches from 2014


  • @100AcreWood
  • Checked on transplants from  3/29. Looks very successful; nearly all plants are re-orienting leaves to sun, minimal signs of shock or wilt



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