Welcome to the website of Susquehanna Permaculture, SP Logoa primary resource for permaculture in central & eastern Pennsylvania.

Susquehanna Permaculture is the project of permaculturist and rewilder Benjamin Weiss. The organization offers permaculture design courses (PDCs), and workshops related to permaculture, rewilding, organic and intensive gardening, sustainable agriculture, herbalism, community-building and much more!

Kickstarter-logoTo help Ben Weiss publish his recent essay as a pamphlet & teach a workshop based on this material at the North American Permaculture Convergence in September 2016, visit his KickStarter campaign now!

Susquehanna Permaculture also maintains SusquehannApothecary, a shop on Etsy, through which Ben sells herbal supplements & concoctions made from ethically wild-harvested plants. The shop has a special focus on herbs for Lyme Disease based on the Buhner en_isell_2protocol.

Through the Rewilding School, Ben’s project with his friend and colleague Wilson Alvarez, Susquehanna Permculture offers many workshops on primitive skills, foraging, survival skills, and beyond. Ben and Wilson have also developed the Rewilding Design System.

In 2016 Ben has been invited by his friend and former student, Scott Mann, to produce a series of special episodes for his show The Permaculture Podcast!!! Ben’s episodes logo-patreon-150x150will be called “Rewilding Notes” and will chronicle his work as a permaculturist, herbalist, and rewilder. Please help make this project happen by supporting Ben on Patreon. Patreon supporters who pledge $5 or more receive an ongoing 20% discount at Ben’s apothecary on Etsy! Thanks for your support!!!


Benjamin Weiss

And please visit Ben’s online journal where he publishes articles and essays on many topics including permaculture theory and practice, foraging, primitive skills & native science, herbal medicine, environmental & social activism, natural building, community design, wild land permaculture, etc.